Should I vacuum after rug cleaning?

A deep rug cleaning makes your rug stain-free and dust-free. So, there is no need to vacuum your rug after cleaning it. A damp rug may attract dirt and dust if you use the vacuum cleaner on it. So patience does pay off. You can get professional help and choose us if you require Rug Cleaning Sydney services.

How long can the rug stay wet?

Make sure that your rug is taking less time to dry out. Otherwise, mould can grow if your rug stays wet for longer than 72 hours. To get any information about Rug Cleaning in Sydney, contact us.

Can you offer same-day rug urine stain removal?

Yes, we are available for providing the services for Same-day Rug Stain Removal services. So, call us if your rug has urine or other stains.